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Refund Policy

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If the event is cancelled with no games played due to inclement weather, your team will be refunded 100% of the paid entry fee less online processing fee if you paid online for the event.  Checks will be mailed or refunds will be processed thru Pay Pal, via credit or debit depending upon how you originally paid for the event.


If the age group you registered for does not make your entry fee will be refunded 100% by check or processed thru pay pal via credit or debit depending upon how you originally paid. Note online payments are not eligible for the processing fee refund.


If your team withdraws from an event after the schedules are published your entry fees will not be refunded. If your team withdraws from an event before the schedules are posted but after the event was closed due to the division being full, you will not receive a refund. Some exceptions will be consider.. like death in family, but not short players. Just Do It Events allows you to bring Guest players so that you can make your roster.  If you are pulling out of an event and I have turned teams away and held a spot for your team no refunds will be issued.  Exceptions noted as above.


If you paid for the event entry fee online and you withdraw and are deemed eligible for a refund but the processing fee that was included in your original payment will not be refunded



       Refund Policy:

  • If a tournament is canceled or games lost the following rules are in effect.

  • Four game guarantee will be a completed tournament if you received three games.

  • Four game guarantee with two games completed 25% fees will be refunded.

  • Four game guarantee with one game completed 50% refunded

  • Three game guarantee with two completed games becomes a completed tournament with no refund

  • Three game guarantee with one game being played 50% refund.

  • Five Game Guarantee with 4 games played is a complete event, 3 games played 20% refund, 2 game played 50% refunded and 1 game played 60% refund.

  • Six/Seven game guarantee with five games being completed is a completed tournament.

  • Six game guarantee 4 games played is considered a completed tournament

  • Seven game guarantee with 5 games played is considered a completed tournament.

  • No gate fees will be returned once spectators enter the facilities.


Just Do It Events is committed to working with committed teams. If you are a team that likes to sign up for events and then pull out if you are not happy with the competition that is playing in the event, please do not sign up for Just Do It Events.. When you pull out it is not fair to the other committed teams.

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