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         Why should you choose to PLAY



•    We have a professional and experienced full-time staff available year-round 

      (24/7/365) to assist the needs of our teams. 
•    We host our tournaments at many facilities in Indiana and Kentucky and understand

      the how important it is to be able to play locally. 

Consider that:
o    Our site directors have the experience and support necessary to ensure game day

      activities flow smoothly. 
o    Each tournament site has a highly experienced Umpire-In-Chief (UIC) on site to

      resolve rule and in-game issues.
o    We put extraordinary care into every schedule in order to convenience teams as

      much as possible, factoring in travel distance, location of a team's hotel, schedule

      requests, minimizing repeated opponents in pool play and balancing the

      tournament field.
o    We provide up to the minute scheduling, score reporting and standings for our

o    We offer split bracket championship play when applicable and feasible.
o    We use a consistent, standardized system to seed pool play into bracket play.
o    We work to develop and execute a complete tournament schedule, giving teams of

       all classes many opportunities to play comparable competition every weekend.
o    We provide high quality and often custom awards while maintaining a wide variety

       of different awards to avoid duplication as much as possible.
o    We work hard to help you find a Guest Player when needed.  Just ask us for help!

•    Our tournament schedule goes far beyond the normal weekend offerings by including such specialty events as:
o    We offer a Tri-State Championship giving you more than 1 opportunity to play in a

      State event. 
o    We offer Charity events like Angels for Autism and Armed Force Tribute in which we

      give back to charities and community service departments within our community.
o    Play in our cost competitive events allowing you to save the money your team

       needs to allow you to play in any Nationals you want to attend.  
o    You don't need discounts with us as our prices are already priced competitively
o    Themed events with themed contest, themed prizes and awards.


•    We spend the time and effort necessary to provide a balanced and rewarding

       tournament experience for all teams.  We accomplish this by:

o    Reviewing your teams playing class with many sanctioning bodies. If you are classed

      C with USSSA you can play C in my events. If you are classed B or A and feel you are

      over classed just reach out to me and we will review and discuss your classifications


o    Partnering with housing services of our event locations as much as possible to

       provide teams with affordable hotel options.

If all this is important to you (and they should be) when you are choosing tournaments, you can see playing with JUST DO IT EVENTS is the RIGHT choice!

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